Brevity & Associates is an independent firm that assists businesses and individuals with sourcing the best financial tools for their needs.


We work as an advocate during the underwriting process, and work with our carriers to present your case in the best possible light by providing value in a streamlined process.

Business Partners

Our specialty is policy review and advanced case design. We can help with wealth preservation, transfer strategies, estate planning, executive benefits, and business continuity.

Business Philosophy

Brevity & Associates is founded and operated by managing partners, Brian Marshburn and Justin Stainback. Together, the two bring a wealth of knowledge in all facets of financial management to provide you with the best solutions with exemplary service. They have the ability to assess your entire portfolio and offer recommendations to augment your existing products. They are happy to work with your other professional advisors to create the best portfolio for your scenario. If you would like to learn more about the team, please click below.

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Recent News

  • Evaluating Trust Owned Life Insurance

    POSTED: August 20, 2015

    The major role of a life insurance trustee is the maximization of the value of the life insurance policy held in trust. There are times when the maximization of the trust may call for the replacement of the existing life insurance policy for one that is more appropriate and provides greater value to the heirs. Read More

  • Are You Working With The Right Financial Professional?

    POSTED: July 4, 2015

    There are numerous articles you can access pertaining to finding the right financial professional.  “What are the top ten questions you should ask?”  Without regurgitating all of that we thought about if we were in that situation what we would we want to know.  What if we were the client?  What would we ask?  What Read More

  • Facts of Life Insurance – Why Do We Have a Cognitive Bias?

    POSTED: June 24, 2015

    There can be biases for lots of reasons.  We’ll explore 3 examples they we have seen that are probably all too common. Agents Even independent agents can have a bias to a specific carrier or a handful of companies.  It happens to us.  We have a stretch of time where certain companies continually price well, Read More

  • Facts of Life Insurance – Are You Asking The Right Questions?

    POSTED: June 12, 2015

    How’s your health?  The typical client response is “Just fine.”  If an insurance agent is asking a client about their health the same way they would ask about weekend plans or the the weather then the problem really lies with the question asked not the response.  Of course, if you ask me that question I’m Read More

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