Brevity & Associates is an independent firm that assists businesses and individuals with sourcing the best financial tools for their needs.


We work as an advocate during the underwriting process, and work with our carriers to present your case in the best possible light by providing value in a streamlined process.

Business Partners

Our specialty is policy review and advanced case design. We can help with wealth preservation, transfer strategies, estate planning, executive benefits, and business continuity.

Business Philosophy

Brevity & Associates is founded and operated by managing partners, Brian Marshburn and Justin Stainback. Together, the two bring a wealth of knowledge in all facets of financial management to provide you with the best solutions with exemplary service. They have the ability to assess your entire portfolio and offer recommendations to augment your existing products. They are happy to work with your other professional advisors to create the best portfolio for your scenario. If you would like to learn more about the team, please click below.

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Recent News

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    POSTED: August 25, 2016

    Empathy and The Golden Rule in Selling   I’ve been exploring the ideas of Empathy and The Golden Rule in selling.  I think that the professional salesperson has to demonstrate one and abide by the other in order to have the right kind of career over a long period of time.   To be empathetic Read More

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    POSTED: August 19, 2016

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    POSTED: August 15, 2016

    ROP Term, The Worst of all Life Insurance Policies   I think I will get a little flack from this, but I’m feeling the need to blow the whistle on a life insurance product that is still being pushed by a lot of insurance agents out there.  I can find some positives in just about Read More

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    POSTED: August 8, 2016

    Have you met any of these young go getters with their do-it-yourself bow ties, new shoes, briefcases, and sunglasses dangling around their necks?  Be careful Aunt Suzie.  They’ll corner you and awkwardly fumble their way through their best attempt at a sales presentation and guilt might just drive you to buy a bad version of Read More

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