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  1. Anchoring Away: How Much Should You Pay For Something?

    How do you know how much you should pay for something? How do you know what’s a deal and what’s a ripoff? You need some sort of reference point…a cue to help you evaluate. The anchoring effect is a cognitive bias that influences you to rely too heavily on the first piece of information you Read More

  2. How Many Light Bulbs Does it Take to Screw (In) the Client?

    Here is the good news.  Your bankers, money managers, attorneys, insurance agents, fee based planners and CPA’s and other financial experts probably know more than you do.  This means that they can help you solve problems that would have been tough to solve on your own. Here is the bad news.  You have to find Read More

  3. What do Bill Lumbergh and Warren Buffett have in common?

    I have always thought of fictional Bill Lumbergh as a middle management puppet.  As I reexamine I see him more as a Warren Buffett disciple.  Lumbergh was smart enough to bring in a pair of consultants to analyze his company, Initech.  As part of his introduction of the consultants(the Bobs) to his employees a banner Read More

  4. The Improbability of Practicality

    I want to have a round table exchange with those few of you all who run across my internet leavings.  Since I was a kid, I’ve had a contempt for things that seemed impractical and irrational.  I’ve also desired to know why these things that seemed idiotic to me were in practice.  I asked often, Read More

  5. Why Aflac Agents Are Throwing Away So Much Money

    Ladies and Gents of Aflac, first let me say that you are some of the most fearless, hardest working people in the insurance business.  I really like being around you all and I respect you.  If you have made it through the first couple of years and are making a good living then you’ve dealt Read More

  6. Maya Angelou, Sales Genius.

    I have been thinking about some of my consulting clients who seem to have difficulty separating the client’s desire for information from their own.  Some of my consulting clients are natural sponges of information.  This is what attracted them to us in the first place.  What I see happening sometimes is that we are focusing Read More

  7. Empathy and The Golden Rule in Selling

    Empathy and The Golden Rule in Selling   I’ve been exploring the ideas of Empathy and The Golden Rule in selling.  I think that the professional salesperson has to demonstrate one and abide by the other in order to have the right kind of career over a long period of time.   To be empathetic Read More

  8. Perspicaciously Simple Speech

    Perspicaciously Simple Speech Does your sales pitch sound like mixture of Pig Latin and a Dennis Miller comedy rant?  If so, you’re probably leaving business on the table.  Keeping it simple is the key great communication. Some salespeople insist on using every brain cell to craft the perfect sales pitch.  They design explanations for the Read More

  9. ROP Term, The Worst of all Life Insurance Policies

    ROP Term, The Worst of all Life Insurance Policies   I think I will get a little flack from this, but I’m feeling the need to blow the whistle on a life insurance product that is still being pushed by a lot of insurance agents out there.  I can find some positives in just about Read More

  10. The Puppy Mills of the “Financial Service” Business

    Have you met any of these young go getters with their do-it-yourself bow ties, new shoes, briefcases, and sunglasses dangling around their necks?  Be careful Aunt Suzie.  They’ll corner you and awkwardly fumble their way through their best attempt at a sales presentation and guilt might just drive you to buy a bad version of Read More

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