Developing and Maintaining Partnerships

Folks, we can’t do it all… But we know the kind of excellence our clients deserve.

As a financial professional, it is important that you do not abandon your clients to the waiting wolves when your job is complete.  If you consider the wellbeing of your friends and clients, the responsibility is upon you to make sure that all the right people are in place to keep the wolves at bay.  How do you do this when you know what you’re good at but your focus is narrow?


The right people are rare, which makes them hard to find and valuable.  I’m talking about bankers, independent property and casualty brokers, independent life and health insurance brokers, wealth managers, CPA’s and attorneys, etc..  You get the picture.  The partners I am talking about are the kind who are as good at what they do as you are at what you do.  That isn’t all.  There has to be a similar business culture and philosophy, client bases and complimentary selling styles.  It will probably take you a couple of years to build these relationships.  Some of these people may be licensed as you are, so commission or fee splits will be involved.  In those cases, the MDRT guidelines are a good starting point for figuring out  percentages.  These relationships, if done right, are mutually beneficial and end up adding extra revenue to both sides.  Referrals come more frequently because of all the extra lines of business that your “group” handles.

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