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In previous posts, we have discussed examples of folks not producing quality work in our industry.  It could be in their lack of communication, their resistance to change, not properly reviewing a client’s insurance policy, not bringing in experts in other fields to better assist with the client relationship etc.  Much of this was to bring to light the shortcomings we see so consumers can properly evaluate who they work with and if their advisors have any of those qualities.  From an advisor standpoint it was more of a call to action to assess the quality of their work and strive to continuously improve.

We would also like to highlight professionals who we see strive to do their best work.  From objectively reviewing a client’s current situation, expert communication, and going above and beyond from a customer service standpoint.  Jennifer Coleman exhibits those traits.  Jennifer is a real estate professional but, has drawn from her experience working as controller in the construction that brings a unique perspective.  With the building industry as a backdrop it enables her to view the house from the other side of the table.  This niche really comes into play with buyers who are looking to purchase new construction homes.

Jennifer also brings a balanced approach to her clients whether they are buying or selling a home.  She is numbers driven and may look at pricing and market conditions four different ways to help her clients determine pricing.  As she sifts through the mounds of information on properties and location, Jennifer can present the best options from an analytical perspective.  Jennifer also embraces the emotional aspects of the home buying and selling process and can manage both sides so the client can makes the best decision possible.

We also advocate her speed in communication.  Jennifer is quick and responsive with her smart phone never far away.  As she indicated in today’s market, homes are coming on and going off the market in a matter of 1-2 days in some circumstances so speed is critical.  With her active buyers she makes a point to check in at least once a week to see how they are doing without coming across as pushy.

As we are huge proponents of customer service, Jennifer keeps that mantra as a top priority.  Of course everybody says that, but how do you know if it’s true?  We took a gander at some of her unsolicited testimonials and were blown away.  All of her clients are her friends.  They may not have started that way when they met but, they are now.  Off the record, Jennifer told about meeting a client one Sunday night around 10pm in the rain to review some of the measurements of the house a client was considering purchasing.  In the end, she was able to get to the root of the problem and address the questions the client had about square footage.  Who does that?


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