Facts of Life Insurance – Captive vs. Independent Agents

There are several differences between a captive insurance agent and an independent agent.  It is important as you assess your own insurance needs.


1. An independent agent is working for the client whereas a captive agent is working for the company they represent.

2. An independent agent could potentially have access to dozens of carriers instead of being limited to one.

3. Independents can help a client determine which company may be best to use based on their health and financial situation.  A captive agent is stuck with only the products they’re company has.

4. A captive agent has very little to no incentive to review your policy in the future as it may be detrimental to replace what they have already done.  An independent has the flexibility to continually review the marketplace as things change in the industry as well as things change for a client’s situation.

5. There is no benefit for a client to apply directly with a specific company.  The premiums will be the same and they are better off getting guidance from an independent agent as they decide what is best.

Captive Vs. Independent Agents Video

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