Facts of Life Insurance – Diabetes

Diabetes comes in 2 forms.

Type 1 – diagnosed in children and young adults, and is known as juvenile diabetes. It is the rarer of the 2 types.

Type 2 – considered as adult-onset or noninsulin-dependent diabetes.  It is the more common of the two.

With good control and normal A1C score life coverage is attainable.  An A1C score under 7 is better for getting approved.  It is tougher with scores beyond 8 but, it is still possible.


40yr. Male looking for 1 million of 20yr. Term

Less than $1,800/yr

40yr. Female looking for 1 million of 20yr. Term

Less than $1,500

You may be able to get a better deal on a permanent policy.  Many insurance carriers offer underwriting credits.  Individuals with diabetes would qualify for those credits.  It could result in a substantial reduction in premium.

You should always try to obtain coverage going through normal underwriting channels.  Premium wise it should make a big difference in cost.  If that method doesn’t work then a client can look at a guaranteed acceptance policy.  That should be used as a last resort.

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