Facts of Life Insurance – Do As You Say Not As You Do

Why would you say do what you say you’re going to do?  Is there any value to it?

People can recognize excellence.  It starts with doing what you say you are going to do.  We run across too many people that take this simple exercise for granted.


1. Client asks us for a term insurance quote and we tell them we will get them something before the end of day.  We better do that or we are starting off on the wrong foot.

2. Answering emails in a timely manner –  24 hours has been the status quo for a response even though now that is considered slow.  If we don’t know the answer or can’t solve the problem we pride ourselves on responding back the same day or the following morning if it was received late in the day.

3. Phone calls – We work with too many individuals that aren’t great at returning phone calls.  The response is we’ll call you back in 15 minutes or tomorrow.  Then….nothing.  Who does business that way?  We aren’t cold calling.  We’re calling because there is something we are working on that we need your help with addressing.  Next time just tell us you aren’t going to call us back or better yet do so in a timely manner.

We partner with business professionals and bring an expertise to the table to help their clients.  We aim to enhance and broaden the experience the client has with their advisor.  We strive to assist that client as if they were our own and when we accomplish this that client’s experience is top notch and the advisor has done even more to solidify their relationship.

It shouldn’t be such a rarity that people you partner with do excellent work and do what they say.  It makes us stand out.  We have agents and advisors that come to us because of that very reason.  Even if you strive for perfection you can’t expect it.  There are things we can’t accomplish but one of our goals is to be upfront and explain everything.  What a concept.

Enjoy our video…..


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