Facts of Life Insurance – Professional Designations

Why do business professionals get professional designations?  Is it to enhance the quality of your work and improve the client experience?  Is it simply to make you appear smarter?  What have you been doing since you put those letters after your name?

As an advisor who clients put their trust in there should be an ongoing quest to learn and get better at your craft.  Many professionals have blinders on and want to meet and talk to as many clients as possible so they can focus on their specialty.  Sales.  If you aren’t taking the time to learn in this dynamic business world how can you give your client the best experience?  There is no virtue in ignorance.

The good news about a designation is that they come with some amount of learning.  I spent quite a few hours slaving over those CFP books.  If stop learning and challenging yourself then what was the point in getting the designation in the first place?

We strive to work with partners that excel.  They are proponents of lifetime learning.  They wouldn’t sleep at night if they didn’t think they were doing their best work.

Don’t hide behind the letters after your name.  Don’t use them as a crutch.  Prove how good you are with the quality of your work.

An example we have seen in the life insurance industry are agents that manipulate target premiums in order to receive a higher payout.  The client may not even realize the difference.  In the end it is going to have an negative impact on the amount of insurance or premiums.  It is just not the best plan the client could have received.

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