Facts of Life Insurance – Trust Fiduciaries

We run across trust fiduciaries quite often many of which are tasked with overseeing an irrevocable life insurance trust.  The overwhelming majority are neglecting their responsibilities when comes to thoroughly reviewing the health of these policies.  Policy Review

Ex: 5mil policy that costs $100,000/yr

If you can get the same policy for $60,000/yr you are throwing away $40,000.  A fiduciary should be able to figure that out.  In fact it is their responsibility.

What if they are being underfunded?

We see far too often that these polices are blowing up or running out of steam.  If you aren’t comfortable with doing this analysis beyond a simple inforce illustration then find someone who can do this for you.

What if you are overspending?

Consider reallocating those premiums.  Maybe they should go back into the trust as a gift.

Is the amount of insurance appropriate?

What if the policy was set up based on a net worth of 5 million and now it is 10 million.  That should be addressed potentially before an attorney brings it up.

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