What We Do

We make it happen.

Brevity & Associates, LLC is a blend of the Agent/Agency, the Processing Team and Sales Support. We have the ability to work directly with the contract holder and design structures under them. We specialize in case design, sales support and selling directly to the client, which is rare in brokerage. The bulk of our business comes from review of the client’s existing insurance portfolios. We have the experience and unique ability to diagnose problems and make profound improvements.

We can help with wealth preservation, transfer strategies, estate planning, executive benefits, and business continuity. Complexity overall and within individual carriers has made this work even more critical.  There are many moving parts to the insurance marketplace and it can be difficult to maneuver from how to present a case to a carrier as well as negotiating an offer.

Individual Insurance

Business Insurance

Estate Planning Strategies

We work with:

We are looking for like-minded, knowledgeable professionals who serve as advocates for their clients to work with us as partners.  Our goal is to do our job extremely well and everyone wins.

What Makes us Different


We answer emails and turn around quotes and forms in the same day in most cases.  Speed in communication is key to our business.

Case Management

We order exams and APS.  We do not let the carriers order the APS reports.  We retain them in case we have to shop or use multiple carriers for a case.  Our dedicated case manager sends biweekly status emails for cases in process and has a lot of key relationships with carriers.


This gets thrown around a lot as an advantage of one brokerage over another.  The fact is that there isn’t much of a buddy system between the General Agent and underwriter any more.  Those days are past.  We take advantage of every bit of leverage we have, but most of the time, our best offers come from setting up cases properly and choosing the right company.


Case design is our specialty.  If you happen to need us to meet a client once on the front or back of the case, we usually can handle that.   If we need to get more involved and stay in contact with the client to push the case through ourselves we can work in that capacity.

After the policy has been placed, the relationship has just begun. We are set up to systematically and pro-actively manage your portfolio. We will regularly provide you with updates on your clients, gather the information upon request, and be available to discuss their current situation. We will deliver unrivaled support and generate any in-force illustrations or proposals for possible alterations in plans & strategies.

One of the most important components to risk management is annual monitoring of the policy as well as the client’s economic environment for the following reasons:

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