I should probably act nonchalant, but I must admit I’m stunned at the pace of this. Very impressive!


Since we have this in place so quickly, I’ll want to delay the issue date until late next month, if possible. My current policy will reach the end of its initial term then. Let me know what you’ll need.


Thanks – great job!


I have worked with Justin Stainback for about 10 years.  He has proven to be a valuable resource for me when working on any type of insurance case.  He has the unique ability to see through extraneous information and identify the primary focus for the client.  Justin always makes himself available when I need insight on a case.  His expertise has been instrumental in my ability to write many life and annuity policies.  I always seek Justin’s opinion on my life insurance business.
W. Clark Anderson
It is amazing the difference in premium and total cash outlay…. I wish Brian would have introduced us to Justin sooner.
Jen Greenwood
I have also spoken your associate Brian Marshburn earlier this morning who was very courteous and knowledgeable on the topic of Life Insurance.  Not everyone would be willing to be as forthcoming with the information you have provide.  To have someone cut thru the hype and sales pitch and offer straight talk is an asset.
Rob Trevino
“Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I enjoyed the session yesterday. It was very informative!!! I think you are going to be a very valuable resource for our employees. I think the presentation’s content was very appropriate and the materials were wonderful! Thanks so much.”
Susan – Raleigh, NC

I think your article is great!  I am glad you included me…. I certainly remember and appreciate the insurance we have to protect our business and our spouses.


I really enjoyed the video’s.  I like how you put it in terms on the mortality one about you are getting a million dollars for a small price.  Something to that.  I also do try to mention an offer of something that we sell to everyone I speak to that day.  I really enjoyed the video but the blog that you sent, those article or statements really are worth hearing.  I even printed off Ms. Charlotte one to share with some other agent.  I like being a curious agent. 
Thank you,
Brevity & Associates

Brevity & Associates