The Help (Case Managers)…. Kind, Smart, and Important.

They is kind, they is smart, and they is important.  I do not mean to degrade their work in the least.  I happen to have who I consider to be the best case manager in the business.  I have been working with her for over 10 years and she makes my life better.

She is kind.  She knows how to handle my partners and me.  She knows that we are out in the field and need a little encouragement from time to time.  Some aspects of the insurance business can be frustrating.  It is nice to speak with someone who you can tell enjoys her job and is happy to speak with you when you need her help.  I have worked with case managers in the past who are just going through the motions.

She is smart.  She knows who to speak with at the insurance companies.  She has been in place long enough that she knows who to contact at the carriers to get our business underwritten at the offer we need.  She also knows to ask the right questions so that she can help us the best way possible.  In other words, she often challenges my requests by saying things like “this carrier has an online application, would you rather use that?”.. or .. “Maybe this case should go in as an informal because it looks like it could be table rated.”  She doesn’t see the client but she knows her way around her side of the insurance business.

She is important.  We, who see the client face to face need only to be thinking about those interactions.  Every moment wasted on paperwork, parameds, APS, etc. is a moment we could have spent with a client to improve his or her experience.  We should be able to pass off everything that isn’t related to seeing clients to someone who we trust.  Most financial professionals could not say that they are completely confident that the case manager can handle that task with no oversight.  We at Brevity and Associates are completely confident.

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